Don’t Leave Home Without It!

Let’s continue with the theme of the last two posts. Has it been your practice to pray at the outset of work (see post 1/12/15)? Did you join me in test-driving the sample prayer (see 1/19/15 post)? What was your experience?
Imagine the impact it could have on our own spirits and attitude if we cultivated an awareness of God in the workplace every day. Think about the influence on the workplace if many followers of Jesus Christ daily fostered a dedication to and dependence upon His help for all matters of work and enterprise.
It was in a conversation with my friend Alex about how to help ourselves and others make these changes when we hit on the well-known practice of returning thanks. What if we borrowed that form for a different function? It could become a practice so fundamental that it might operate as a principle in and of itself. That could work! How do we go about spreading this brainstorm? Talk it up! Which led us to this observation:

An idea is hardly a thing until it has a name. Once it has a name, it can be talked about, passed from person to person, developed, improved, and propagated.
Want an example? Years ago my sister invited me to accompany her to an exercise class. I asked what it was. She could have said, “a physical fitness system that strengthens the body core and develops coordination, balance, and control”. I would have still wondered what she was talking about. Instead she said, “Pilates”.
So I went to the class and found it both challenging and instructive. I am grateful, because it started me along a path that has introduced me to Total Gym, Vibram Five-Fingers and Alexander Technique – three more names.
Let me invite you to participate in a contest to name this simple practice of a workday prayer. What would you like to call it? If your suggestion is selected, you will win a copy of Tim Keller’s excellent book, Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work. Even more exciting, you may give countless Christians a new handle on a principle and practice that could transform the workplace and perhaps even influence generations.
Put it on your calendar this week to brainstorm for 15 minutes. Bonus suggestion: meet with a couple other believers for coffee or lunch this week to generate a list of possible names. And then contribute them on the comment link below so we can all see them. Let the conversation begin – and may the best name win!
Guidelines: the contest will remain open until fifty separate names are accumulated. Credit will be given in chronological order. A panel consisting of Alex, myself and my wife will adjudicate.

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