About John

John Robinson was raised in Bethesda, Maryland, and began working as soon as he could borrow the family’s mower.  He has always enjoyed the focus and challenge of hard work. So while his temperament runs toward projects, it is a bit of wonder to him that his life and calling have revolved around people.
John credits the early influence of his family for this inclination. His father was a thoughtful and informed conversationalist. His mother possessed a contagious belief that people are the most interesting part of Creation and that approaching every encounter with a positive expectation is the best way to experience that individual.
In high school, several friends were instrumental in introducing John to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Finding that the spiritual in life could also be practical prompted John to seek role models. John met The Navigators at college and will be forever grateful for a succession of mentors who further shaped the vision of his life. One of the greatest lessons was to learn to read the Bible as a source of wisdom. He has been reading the Bible with leaders and businessmen for thirty years.
After school, John worked in sales and management for six years. The last three of those, John was the Director of Operations for a non-profit with a hundred and thirty employees. He watched outstanding teamwork transform that organization, its leadership, and its mission. He was hooked. 
In 1980, John joined the staff of The Navigators. He has worked to mentor and coach leaders on campuses, in their 20s, in business and in the workplace. Today he states his life mission this way: “To develop leaders & teams for generations of value.”
One thing about which John is most proud is becoming a professional coach – in business, leadership development and most recently, in health and wellness. John works in partnership with his wife to inspire healthy living around the world, and together they have built an international education and distribution business with Juice Plus+

John and Susan make their home in Rock Hill, SC, near their grandkids and near Charlotte.