Darrell does a great job – prompt, courteous, no nonsense, never makes a mess, leaves the carts out of the way. He is even safety conscious. Why does he do it so well?

One of the most iconic taglines of the 20th century warned you not to leave home without your American Express card. What if there is something even more critical to equipping us for our day?

Not surprisingly, Jesus modeled prayer in work. So did many others in the Bible. Is there an example here for you?

If we have benefitted for centuries from the pattern of returning thanks before a meal, how much more could we be helped by adopting the simple practice of praying at the outset of our work?

Have you encountered hostility in the workplace due to office politics? Maybe you caught grief for holding to a higher standard or you were treated with jealousy for excelling where others were average. If so, you are not alone.

I started down the trail, but encountered a wide stream of run-off. Which ford would I take – the Fusion in the parking lot or the path covered in several inches of flowing water?

The workplace brings people together with both time and purpose. For believers there is a great deal of influence possible. What if the learning goes both ways?

Can the most powerful figure of his time, with the ego to match, grasp the reality of a transcendent God?

It was the impossible assignment with the ridiculous deadline. The boss who issued it must have lost his mind – and if his staff failed to deliver, they would lose their heads.

Daniel and his three friends had prospects. Then the bottom dropped out. What do you do when the workplace carpet is pulled out from under you?