Notice that the evidence of faith is almost always something that people say. Our greatest tool is listening.

You may be asking yourself – how will I identify faith on the radar as I go about life and interact with people? What represents a positive blip on the screen?

It is one thing to believe that God is at work today – when we go to work or at any other time – but it is another thing altogether to know where and with whom he is working.  How are we to know?

Joseph had a notable career track: betrayed, enslaved, falsely accused, imprisoned, seemingly forgotten. How did he not give up?

What is God doing today? He is still at work! Some of the most clear-cut statements about God’s on-going work come directly from his own son.

What impresses me about the creation story is not merely that the projects are done well – but that they are completed in relationship and for relationship.

“Don’t gamble – the house always wins.” That may be true in rolling dice, but life itself calls us to venture out. What is the big picture?

Why does this post feature a picture of John with his mother and what does this have to do with the Parable of the Talents?

Today’s museums are largely static displays. The coming one is interactive and participatory. Let’s take a look.

Jesus’ advance man was highly effective in warming up the stage for the main event.  What clues did he give us for paving the way today?